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Several studies have shown that e-commerce is growing rapidly. However, nobody expected the digital shopping boom and the mushrooming of online stores brought about by the coronavirus outbreak this spring. Which of them will stay, grow and succeed? Believe me when I say, that those who have a genuine understanding of their customers will do best.

My view is based not only on my passion for customer understanding but also more than a decade of experience in media advertising and targeted marketing.  Over the years I have come to understand how valuable an asset a genuine customer understanding can be – and how hard it is to find and accumulate. Consequently, when I started at Posti about a year ago, I was like a kid in a candy store, as I finally had the opportunity to work with really extensive customer data. After all, Posti has an exceptionally large collection of detailed data on Finns, of which we take care with great precision and reliability.

Comprehensive customer data – our treasure chest

The most important competitive factor in e-commerce marketing is the customer base – the volume and how to increase it. Therefore, customer understanding should be a passion for every online store that wants to enter the Finnish market.

You may have carried out customer research and found that the best potential customer group in Finland for your product consists of, say, men of a certain age, who live in big cities, own a car of a certain make, or own a boat, belong to a certain income category and are very brand-aware. Based on your criteria and our data, we can compile for you a target group that is reliable and fully GDPR compliant. Investing in customer understanding pays because it is what important marketing and business decisions are based on – it may even be a decisive factor in terms of your online store's offering.

Or maybe you have acquired a comprehensive target group some years ago and are now in doubt as to whether the data is still relevant today. Your doubts are perfectly justified, as 25 per cent of customer data becomes obsolete within a year. This is something you can easily verify. We carry out data relevance tests, completely free of charge.

Find the lucky coin: reach your target groups with print and digital media and OmaPosti

You may already know your customers so well that you know which channel can best reach them. Or do you? We have a deep understanding of how different channels work in reaching different target groups. While online retailers prefer email and digital advertising, studies have shown that sometimes a direct advertisement through your letterbox can be more effective than all digital channels combined. In most cases, a multi-channel approach is the best way to ensure that your message gets through.

Are you familiar with OmaPosti? It is Posti’s own application, quite unique in the world. In 2019, OmaPosti was the number 1 application in the Finnish app stores five times. It was also nominated to the shortlist of the best application of the year. OmaPosti is also an advertising channel for you to target your ad directly to the customer. And what's best, there is no advertising clutter involved, so the customer's attention to your ad is guaranteed – as is the efficiency of your effort to acquire new customers.   

Would you like to learn more? Just get in touch with me, and we will find the best ways for your online store to increase your understanding of the Finnish customer base.

Jenni Korhonen


Jenni KorhonenJenni Korhonen is a media professional who has tamed Posti's big data. In her blog, she writes about the use of data from different perspectives – and the things that have surprised her at Posti.  






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