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Parcel services for business customers

  • Our services are suitable for regular corporate and consumer deliveries as well as for the needs of online retailers.
  • Transport schedules are agreed in advance, and you can track your item all the way to its destination.
  • All our domestic transport services are climate-friendly.


Posti has launched a new linehaul network from Sweden to Finland to ensure the fastest possible lead-times from our customers to their end customers.

Fast and efficient delivery is becoming increasingly important in the Parcel and eCommerce market. On 1 July 2018, Posti Scandinavia AB launched their new timetable defined linehaul network from Sweden to Finland. In addition to direct customer linehauls, the new network is also connected to the three newly-established Swedish Hubs, in Borås, Malmö and Stockholm. This enables consolidation of customer parcels and pallets, which ensures fast and secure transportation to Finland and the Baltics.

icon-quote Our Hub and linehaul network, in addition to our direct transports, offers a leaner, speedier consumer experience. The linehaul network is fully controlled by Posti. It’s designed to ensure the fastest possible lead-times from our customers to the Posti sorting centre in Lieto Finland and ultimately to the end consumer the next day,” says Richard Walburn, Head of International Business Posti Oyj.

The dedicated transports contain only Posti customer parcels and pallets, which are transported directly to the Posti sorting terminal in Finland.

icon-quote Transport planning and pre-booking are the key to success here,” says Walburn.

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Later pick-up from customers in Sweden

Posti has implemented consolidation points in areas where many customers are located in Sweden. There are currently three consolidation points in Malmö, Borås and Stockholm. By using local subcontractors, customer parcels and pallets are picked up and consolidated at the closest hub.

icon-quote Posti can now offer later pick-up times from several customers enabling the customer to produce orders longer. All daily volumes are then loaded into dedicated transports that depart directly to the sorting terminal in Finland,” Walburn continues.

Smartpost serves end customers in Finland all day long

In Finland, Posti has a broad retail network consisting of parcel lockers and retail shops. The new Smartpost service concept enables the selling of products and services and their affordable delivery to Smartpost parcel lockers, which are located in shopping malls, apartment buildings and workplaces. With Smartpost, receiving, sending and returning parcels is possible at almost any hour.

icon-quote Fast track is our new additional service in Finland, where parcels can be delivered to the end customers on the day of arrival. This service is available in the capital city area of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen.”

icon-quote During Christmas, Posti will be delivering seven days a week starting from Black Friday on 24 November. The Posti standard is delivery six days a week. Posti also offers fast and reliable B2B deliveries and shop deliveries,” Walburn adds.

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