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Practices from European metropolises arrive in Finland 

As the growth of e-commerce already seems self-evident, forerunner companies are now discussing the possibilities of multi-channel trade. E-commerce and physical stores are no longer viewed as opposites, but rather as complementary channels.

In practice, their joint use normally means that customers compare products online, place an order and select “pickup from store” as the delivery type. However, it can also work the other way  around. When a customer visits the physical store to browse the goods but does not want to make a purchase decision immediately, the salesperson can recommend the company’s online store as the place of purchase. After some time for consideration, the customer can purchase the goods online and select a parcel locker, perhaps one located in the same store, as the pickup point.

posti_smartpost30639Attracting customers to the shop

The multi-cannel OmniChannel procedure is a great fit for Posti’s new Click & Collect service, which includes a Smartpost parcel locker installed in the store.

Smartpost will attract customers to the shop. As customers come to pick up their order, they might also visit the store to buy batteries for the technical device they ordered or accessories  to compliment their new party dress. 

Customers with tight schedules can avoid queuing for the cashier by simply picking up their purchase in the parcel locker.

The Click & Collect service also includes a mobile application  customized for salespersons, allowing products  due for pick-up to be saved in the parcel locker. The customer will receive a notice of arrival and the opening code for pickup.

If the parcel locker is located in the entrance tambour, customers can pick up their purchases at any time of the day. 

Benefits for both large and smaller retailers

Ville Vasaramäki, Head of E-Commerce Concepts at Posti, explains the benefits of Click & Collect services.

“A Smartpost parcel locker installed in the shop connects the online store to the shop. The solution allows the retailer to expand its range of products, as it is no longer necessary to stock all products on shelves. With an online store, even small stores can offer a range of products comparable to a large store.”

This can benefit both nation-wide chains and individual retailers, who can keep their stock outside the actual store.

With Posti’s fast deliveries, products can be delivered to parcel lockers for pickup even on the same day.

The same-day deliveries to be launched in the capital region during 2018 will enable fast online shopping,  common in  larger European cities, and which constitute the core area of operation for Amazon and other online giants. Shopping can be  taken care of while sitting in a cafe or at your own breakfast table. You can then pick up all your orders at the parcel locker in the store on the same day – or choose home delivery.


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