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Online retailers and their customers appreciate versatile delivery types 

Those times are long gone when we simply filled in the address at an online store and hoped that the parcel would arrive, sometimes even after several weeks.

Nowadays, parcels are moving fast and customers closely follow the journey of their parcels. And versatile delivery types have also become significant factors in customer satisfactio.

icon-quote For customers, the ease of pick-up is the second most important priority after the delivery speed. Versatile  delivery options must be offered, since modern people are on the move,” says Petteri Pajari, CEO at Band Company, which manages seven different online stores.

Pajari himself orders products to his office, since there is always someone to sign for the item. He represents the minority, though. 

Henrik Hahtovirta, Commercial Director at Posti’s parcel services, tells that parcel lockers have become, by far, the most popular delivery type during their seven years of existence.

Consumers are especially pleased that there is no need to queue. It is easy to use parcel lockers and it takes only 10 seconds to get the parcel out of the locker.


According to our survey, more than half of the customers recommend parcel lockers

icon-quote The advantage of using a parcel locker is that the parcel can be picked up at any time when the store or shopping center is open. Some residential buildings already have their own parcel lockers. There are more than 600 locations in Finland that have their own Posti Parcel Lockers and the number is growing,” says Hahtovirta. 

Pajari from Band Company also praises the comprehensive coverage of parcel lockers. 

Parcels moving also on Saturdays

Posti delivers parcels also on Saturdays in the capital region, Tampere, Turku, Oulu, Kuopio and Seinäjoki. Parcels are delivered to parcel lockers or Posti outlets. This Saturday delivery is based on consumers’ wishes to receive parcels quicker and experiences have been extremely positive.

icon-quote The weekend is a good time to pick up parcels, since people have more free time and a more flexible schedule than during the week. More than half of the parcels delivered on Saturday are picked up during the same weekend,” says Hahtovirta. Saturday deliveries soon reach about 2.3 million Finns, i.e. approximately 40% of the population, after we expand them to cover also the Lahti, Jyväskylä and Pori areas in autumn 2018.


Pajari from Band Company believes that speed requirements are increasing. He estimates that delivering items to customers on the same day will be a standard procedure whereas currently the promised delivery times are 2–3 days. It is possible at present to deliver items even in half a day.  

Customers are waiting for their items and anxiously follow their journey online or through Posti’s mobile application.

Home delivery for Small Parcels


A convenient delivery option for consumers, Small Parcel, is available also for online stores. The product page

It is a unique way to send small, under 2 kg, products directly to the customer’s home, if the item fits the mailbox.

Posti is the only service provider who delivers parcels directly to the customer’s home mailbox everywhere in Finland. As an online retailer, you can see when the parcel has been delivered to the recipient from Posti’s Dashboard service. In the future, the recipients can also follow their Small Parcels’ journey, for example, through Posti’s mobile application.

Postal parcels to customers from Posti outlets or parcel lockers

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