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Online shopping is growing at a rapid rate this year, and we’re facing a record Christmas period. We’ve put together a checklist for online store owners to prepare for the upcoming Christmas season. Let’s make this season a success!

Put the finishing touches to your online store’s purchase process from browsing to checkout.

Make shopping easy for your customers by explaining the different delivery methods clearly and consistently. Your services will be easier to use, your customers will make purchase decisions faster and the customer path will be much less ambiguous. Clearly indicate the pickup points already at the checkout: Our Location Service interface displays an up-to-date view of pickup points, including the seasonal additional pickup points. We’ll make sure your customers are happy, all the way from checkout to their doorstep.


Update your delivery method options

We’ll deliver your parcels, regardless of how big they are. You can send small items easily in Small Parcels directly to your customer’s mail slot or box. Your customer can pick up the postal parcel at a convenient time from Parcel Locker or pickup point of their choice. Home Parcel is a remote worker’s friend and the easiest parcel to receive – and contactless, too! Our freight deliveries ensure the safe delivery of large and heavy products all the way to the customer’s home. If necessary, we’ll deliver and even install your customers’ orders safely everywhere in Finland.


Boost your sales with free deliveries!

You can turn deliveries into a competitive advantage, increase the size of the shopping basket or speed up purchase decisions. Free deliveries have many uses: you can offer them to all of your customers or just a select few, use campaign codes or tie them to the cost of the shopping basket. An equally efficient way to boost your sales is to explain customer returns clearly.


Prepare for a growing volume well in advance

We promise to deliver your parcels quickly. You can affect the processing times at the shop end. Secure enough staff for the Christmas period and make sure well in advance that you have enough packing materials. Packing your products properly is also a surefire way to reduce the number of complaints. Click here to download packing instructions for parcels and freight.


Easy way to track parcels

When buying Christmas presents for their loved ones, your customers can easily track and manage them via OmaPosti. If the customer has chosen home delivery for the item, they can pick a suitable delivery time from the calendar.


Leave the rest to us

We’ve rolled up our sleeves. We’ll deliver your parcels seven days a week. Our pickup point network includes 2,000 parcel lockers. What’s more, we will open more temporary pickup points for the Christmas season than ever before. All in all, our parcel lockers will have more than 100,000 lockers and we will visit 3.2 million mailboxes in Finland. We use 3,000 seasonal employees to help with sorting, delivering and transporting parcels and Christmas cards and to help with customer service.


Grow together with us, sustainably and on your customers’ terms.

We are already a 100% carbon neutral company, and we will be completely emission-free by 2030. All of our deliveries are green – we use electricity, biogas and renewable diesel – and sustainability is matter of pride for us. We develop our services driven by the customer experience, and we always listen to our customers. Our latest services provide customers with more freedom of choice and more control. In the future, your customers can change the delivery method of the parcel and arrange the delivery time to fit their daily schedule.


Remember to market your seasonal products and offers

We can help you with multi-channel marketing, whether it’s targeted, regional or nationwide. Our own channels provide you with an excellent advertising space to reach your target groups. Read more.


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