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Swedish online store Jollyroom has grown significantly in ten years. A year ago they trusted all their volumes in Finnish market to Posti.

Jollyroom was founded ten years ago, when owner Ole Sauar started to sell baby items from his living room. Sauar was definitely on to something, because Jollyroom grew at a 100 percent rate in the first five years. Living room was no longer enough, and one warehouse changed into seven warehouses.

Today Jollyroom operates from their brand new campus in Gothenburg with a total 80 000 m2 of warehouse space. This one-stop shop for children’s clothes and items wants to offer everything families might need.

- Our goal is that you should be able to find everything you need from pregnancy until your kids are 12 years old, says Jollyroom’s Head of Logistics Cecilia Olsson.

Olsson has worked for Jollyroom for four years. She is proud of what Jollyroom has been able to achieve and what is yet to come.

- We have gone from 0 to 1,6 billion in just 10 years and the journey continues. We intent to grow more of course and enter new markets.

Volumes in Finland handled by Posti

Jollyroom operates in all the Nordic countries and Germany and Austria. Recently they started to use Posti’s services in Finland.

- We did a poll in Finland where we asked who was their preferred transport operator and Posti came up as number one. Posti then presented a good solution with a competitive price which made the decision easy to take, Olsson says.

- Posti handles all our volumes for the Finnish market, both Postal Parcels and home deliveries. We do feel that our customers approve our choice and that the service has improved in Finland.

The communication between Posti and Jollyroom has been good, and Olsson tells that her site managers are satisfied with the service.

- We have frequent meetings together, where we very quickly solve any issues that occur, which feels very secure.

Olsson is sure that also their customers are happy with Posti being Jollyroom’s logistics partner.

- We have decreased our contact grade in customer service, which we think is related to the switch to Posti, Olsson reveals.

Trampolines and swings were summer’s hit items

E-commerce market has grown significantly this year, and one cannot talk about the subject without mentioning the coronavirus. Olsson feels Jollyroon has been lucky in these times, because they have not seen the negative side of corona in the way that physical retail has.

- We are also very pleased that our staff has been feeling well and we have had and still have a lot of restrictions in our warehouses to keep the distance and the hygiene on top all the time.

Jollyroom got its share of the market growth. Olsson thinks this might be due to the fact that many people spent their vacation at home.

- We have a big assortment of outdoor items such as trampolines and swings for playground which were selling outstandingly in this period, says Olsson.

Jollyroom’s goal is to keep growing and strengthen their position as the top online store in their field.

- We are the market leader in some segments and specially in baby items. We continue to be better in clothes and toys and have the ambition to be best in class there too.

New countries are also in the scope.

- When we start with the Baltic countries we have Posti as our number one transporter there. We definitively see Posti as a partner for a long time, Olsson says.


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