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Online shopping and home deliveries have grown enormously in popularity and, in addition to tempting products, the shopping experience is a vital factor when choosing an online store. This being the case, clear delivery methods are a real asset when competing for customers’ attention.

An increasing number of consumers have started to take advantage of the convenience of online shopping, and the popularity of online stores will continue to increase. The Big Ecommerce survey revealed that up to 10% of Finns are already making all or nearly all of their purchases online. According to the same survey, this figure will have nearly doubled in five years’ time because 18% of the respondents estimated that by 2025 they would be buying everything or nearly everything online. Therefore, every online storekeeper and delivery professional should get ready for the increasing demand.

The popularity of home deliveries is on the rise

While the customer base of online stores is growing, so is the number of companies operating in the sector. And each company should consider ways of making their business stand out from the competition. Interesting products and reliable service are a given, but consumers who appreciate convenience also value the smoothness of the purchase process. Buyers are looking for delivery methods that suit their routines in life.

The Big Ecommerce survey revealed that home delivery at a set time came third on the list of preferred delivery methods, just after parcel lockers and service points. Posti has also noticed the growing popularity of home deliveries.

“The popularity of a Home Parcel delivered at a set time is increasing in double digits. That’s why we are also adapting our services to the changing market,” says Juha T. Wallin, Business Manager, Posti.

More control for the recipient

Home delivery is undeniably a convenient way of receiving a parcel, although it is not altogether without its problems. In order for the shopping experience to be a success, the consumer’s and the driver’s schedules must be compatible. Posti has been working hard to facilitate deliveries. The opportunities provided by technology have been a major asset.

“We can use technology to hand more control to consumers with regard to home deliveries. When it comes to the transport of Home Parcels, we have launched a service that makes it possible for the customer to select a delivery window for the arriving parcel. The customer can choose from a seven-day calendar to find the optimal time for receiving the parcel. We have already started this service in most of the big cities and eventually it will cover the whole country,” says Wallin.

The Home Parcel process revamp began in January and it has clearly improved the customer experience as well as the quality and efficiency of delivery. More than 90% of current users of the new features have been extremely satisfied with them. However, the Home Parcel delivery innovation does not end here.

“The service will keep on improving in the future. We will narrow down the Home Parcel delivery time on the delivery date to a half-hour window, and the customer is able to track the driver’s progress using a map view. If the customer experiences changes at the last minute, they can notify the driver. The delivery can also be redirected to a locker or service point if there is a change of plan. What is more, the customer can authorize the driver to leave the item on the doorstep without signing for it. It will also be possible to give feedback about the delivery process. These innovations will help us make it easier than ever to receive both small and big items,” promises Wallin.


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