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Same-day and Saturday delivery 

Even though Finnish consumers frequently use online stores for their shopping, we are still behind many other market areas. While the average consumer in Finland orders less than twenty parcels online per year, in the core area of e-commerce giant Amazon, the average consumer orders 70 parcels every year. However, Finland is quickly moving in the same direction.

The trade sector is currently facing great changes, and both international and domestic e-commerce is growing. However, competition in the market is  intensifying and we have already witnessed  individual, large, global marketplace giants  dominating the growth and  defining the development trends.

Parcels delivered on the arrival day

Why this is an advantage in this  competitive situation? Henrik Hahtovirta, Commercial Director at Posti’s parcel services, explains the new service opportunities in the field of trade.

“Delivery speed is something that can be used to ensure competitiveness. In Finland, consumers are used to longer delivery times compared to many other markets, but the situation is changing as competition intensifies. Customers will begin to expect faster and faster deliveries. This fall, Posti  will launch same-day deliveries in the capital region.”

posti verkkokaupan 24h toimitukset

Sami Finne, Vice President of Strategic Sales at Posti, states that especially department stores, chains of hardware and household good stores, as well as the online stores of mobile network operators have  shown interest in same-day deliveries.

“Faster and faster deliveries are a part of the strategy of companies in this sector. They want to use the deliveries to offer convenience to consumers. But you should keep in mind that same-day deliveries are equally well suited for smaller online retailers.”

Fast track deliveries launched in the Helsinki capital region  

Online store purchases that the customer has placed before a certain time, such as 10 a.m., are within the scope of same-day delivery. Posti will deliver these postal parcels to their recipients in the capital region on the day of the order, six days  a week. This includes Saturdays. Parcels will be delivered to the recipient’s home between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m., and to the Posti parcel lockers located in supermarkets and shopping centers by 7 p.m. Using the service requires  retailers to find a way to schedule their own  processes to ensure that deliveries reach Posti’s terminal sufficiently early.

One additional day for Christmas sales

“Our objective is to already have same-day deliveries available for the first customers in September–October for the Black Friday season. We will begin in early fall to make sure that the service  will be operating smoothly by Christmas. In practice, this means online retailers receive one additional day for Christmas sales,”  Finne explains.

“We are already launching Sunday deliveries for the busiest shopping days,” Hahtovirta  adds.

Saturday deliveries are already here – Sunday deliveries are on the way

Saturday delivery for postal parcels is already available to 40% of people in Finland. People often spend time in areas close to Posti’s parcel lockers on Saturdays, so pickups can be handled conveniently.

“We are even planning Sunday deliveries for the busiest shopping days at the end of the year,” says Hahtovirta.

Shopping days are becoming increasingly popular

“The end of the year shopping season begins a bit earlier every year,” says Hahtovirta. Shopping days such as Black Friday are becoming more popular, which benefits both online retailers and multi-channel retailers who also own physical stores.

Hahtovirta, who follows online trade intensely, knows that especially Chinese players are skillful in coming up with new concepts for new shopping days. Posti’s new services, which will be launched in the fall, will offer domestic retailers new tools against international competition.

“There is a connection between the distance to the consumer and the delivery speed, of course. Our new Fast track service enable the fastest possible deliveries.”


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