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Test by Kuluttaja journal: Posti provides the fastest parcel deliveries

Nov 26, 2020 11:50:58 AM

Our parcel services were the fastest of the three tested operators. According to Tommi Kässi, the speed of delivery is the result of developing the pickup point network and listening to the customers.

From living room to massive warehouses – Jollyroom is an e-commerce heavyweight

Oct 20, 2020 11:40:01 AM

Swedish online store Jollyroom has grown significantly in ten years. A year ago they trusted all their volumes in Finnish market to Posti.

Making sure your season is successful

Oct 1, 2020 12:04:51 PM

Online shopping is growing at a rapid rate this year, and we’re facing a record Christmas period. We’ve put together a checklist for online store owners to prepare for the upcoming Christmas season. Let’s make this season a success!

Pionjär för hållbar logistik och postverksamhet

Sep 30, 2020 11:54:00 AM

2011 var Posti först i världen med att ha helt koldioxidneutrala posttransporter. Det ambitiösa miljöprogram som vi följde då har sedan dess utvecklats och förädlats till att bli en av huvudpunkterna på vår dagordning.

Understand your customers and increase your online sales

May 26, 2020 2:00:37 PM

Several studies have shown that e-commerce is growing rapidly. However, nobody expected the digital shopping boom and the mushrooming of online stores brought about by the coronavirus outbreak this spring. Which of them will stay, grow and succeed? Believe me when I say, that those who have a genuine understanding of their customers will do best. – a textbook example of a sustainable online store

May 20, 2020 1:18:58 PM

Finnish consumers are becoming increasingly interested in sustainability. This impacts heavily the operations of businesses as more sustainable commerce requires sustainable actions from not only the consumer but also the vendor and the logistics operator.

Home delivery is an asset

Mar 26, 2020 9:36:27 AM

Online shopping and home deliveries have grown enormously in popularity and, in addition to tempting products, the shopping experience is a vital factor when choosing an online store. This being the case, clear delivery methods are a real asset when competing for customers’ attention.

New addition to office and home delivery: connecting and installation service

Feb 17, 2020 12:46:13 PM

Offering delivery to homes and offices is an easy way to please your customers. But what if you could ease your customer’s lives even more?

Survey: More than half of Finns make online purchases once a month

Feb 13, 2020 3:10:59 PM

Survey: More than half of Finns make online purchases once a month – the number of weekly online purchases is expected to multiply in coming years.

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